A day in Port Arthur

I’ve said it once (or twice), and I’m going to say it again, Tasmania is one of my favorite place I ever visited in Australia.   I wrote about my visit there on this blog a couple of times (see here story on MoMA and Salamanca Market).  It was truly a beautiful place and lots of interesting places to visit, such as Port Arthur.  To be honest, I came to Tasmania with zero planning and no itinerary, but luckily I came with friends who got everything figured out.  He planned this day tour to Port Arthur.   We took a bus there and saw a stunning view on our way to the site.

For those of you who do not know, Port Arthur used to be a convict settlement.  It’s basically a prison for criminals from Great Britain.  Apparently, there were so many bad people in the UK, the prison facility got super packed, so they started to ship people across to this facility.  This area is a perfect place for an Alcatraz-style jail, it’s very remote, surrounded by the sea full of sharks and rocky mountains, far far away from the nearest town.  It makes it really difficult for inmates to escape from here.  There is also a small graveyards island in the middle of Port Arthur where they buried all of the people who died there.   Nowadays, Port Arthur serves as a tourist site and listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

There were so many grim and dark stories in Port Arthur, one of the stories that I still remember was a boy who stole his dad’s shoes.  His dad was so upset and decided to report him to the police to give him a lesson, and he ended up being shipped to Port Arthur and died there.  Such a tragic life.   They also used to have a silent prison where people who stayed there weren’t allowed to speak and wore a mask.  In 1996, there was a massacre happened in this place where 35 people killed by a mentally unstable guy who owned a semi-automatic gun.  That horrific event made the government of Australia banned the semi-auto gun in the country.   Check out the podcast story down below about this.  I was not surprised when I found out there is a ghost tour provided here, but I’m not one to stick around until night time in this area.  Not a chance.

Nevertheless, despite the scary things happen in Port Arthur, this estate is actually a beautiful place with amazing view.  Definitely, an interesting place to visit!

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