I often found myself unconsciously grabbing biscuits or gorengan for afternoon snacking in the middle of typing a report or replying emails. Nasty fingers!! Translating to a more fancy term, we always need a coffee break time. A good caramel macchiato paired with a cinnamon roll or almond croissant usually do me very good. But later that day, with the constant daily dose of coffee break time even only once a day, resulting in a significant imbalance to my weight gain control. Ever since, I am sold on everything labeled sugar-free, gluten-free and everything free hehehe.

We all know that women reaching age 30, based on research, will experience slower metabolism which makes losing weight harder. So coming to that sense, we should pay attention to our food intake and what exercise we do. I know everything is easier said than done. But, I want to share on my recent findings to still cater my afternoon snacking with less, almost free, guilty feeling. I am not vegan, I love meat a lot, I am best friend with noodles, I am a vegetable picky eater, so my taste could be a regular human as possible. Here is the list of my recommendations:

1. Burgreen Sweet Potato Chips


These sweet potato chips are thinly sliced to keep the crispy texture. But that’s not the main factor that keeps me eating it, inside the packaging, they have some special herbs I think it’s cinnamon with things here and things there. (sorry, I’m no expert hehe). But anyway, it’s the best alternative to replace your regular potato chips.

2.  Ladang Lima Blackmond Cookies

This one is a treasure. Maybe I am exaggerating, but I almost couldn’t believe that these cookies are gluten free, egg free, dairy free, and at the same time contain flaxseed and almond and the goodness of dark chocolate. So crunchy, soft and bold, and a good pair of tea. Eat only 2 pieces and I am good until dinner.

3.  East Bali Cashew Caramel Popcorn

My kids favorite, we sometimes have to scramble over it. They caramelized the popcorn with cane sugar and a hint of sea salt. It could be a good source of energy boost and a good friend of Netflix.

4.  Nutify Almond Garlic & Sea Salt

Do you know one of the almond benefits is to prevent cognitive decline in our brain, at the same time keeping your skin healthy, reduce cholesterol, helps diet program, good for the heart and many many more? Plus this one is tasty, so why nut??

5.  Re-Juve Apple

Green apple, Mint and Pineapple harmonization in a bottle, so I called. Refreshing, fulfilling, guilty free feeling. I am so sold.

Happy trying, folks!