First and foremost, this is not an investment advice.  You should do your own due diligence and ensure that you’ve done your homework well before you invest in any of these platforms. Proceed with caution!

Nowadays, we live in the technology era where investment is not only mean to save your money in a term deposit account or buying property.  There are so many new startups emerging and offering various new way of life, including a new way to invest your money.  P2P lending, fundraising platforms, you name it! Here are a few fintech startups in Indonesia that caught our attention so far.


Modalku is one of the pioneer of the peer to peer lending platform in Indonesia.  Basically, you can either sign up as an investor aka lender, or the borrower.  If you sign up as the investor, you will need to deposit a minimum of Rp10 million funds and then select the available borrowers within the platform.  Based on the website, Modalku estimated a gross return up to 35% per annum! They said the key for investing in this platform is to diversify your portfolio and then rely on the compounding effect.   I think the best feature of this company is not only they registered and licenced by OJK (the Indonesia Financial Service Authority), they also provide a short term investment and they are backed by prominent business enterprises in Indonesia.


Amartha provides a similar module like Modalku, which essentially a peer to peer lending platform.  However, Amartha focuses on small business unit run by woman all over Indonesia.  I really love their mission and values, which for me, is the main attraction.  The majority of the individual loan unit would only be around Rp2 to 3 million, with estimated return of 15%.  For example, if you invest Rp3 million, the projected return would be Rp3,450,000.  Amartha also sent me an email once offering an estimated return of 46.6% within 2 years if I invest in them for Rp300 million.  Unlike, Modalku, most of the investment in Amartha would have a longer period which is 50 to 52 weeks.  Click here if you interested to register.


This is actually one of the first alternative investment platform that I come across with.  I was browsing online and stumble upon this startup that has won a few awards called Vestifarm.  They are doing crowdfunds (read: collecting funds from the crowd) for farming projects, specifically cattle and shrimp farms.  However, I’m not sure whether this platform still runs though because they have not yet uploaded new projects in months.  The last project they have, which is currently sold out, was invest in shrimp ponds with 101% returns and the lowest risks.


Indves focuses on syariah-based crowdfunding, so their calculation method slightly different than the other because they calculate the income percentage based on the profit generated from the business.  The investment period ranging from 6 to 24 months.  What I like from this platform is that they provide the investor with a very simple, easy to understand, business proposal and income projection for each of the proposed business.


Akseleran initially started as an equity based crowdfunds.  So, it is quite different from all the other platforms here.  This is because, instead of provide financing, Akseleran’s investor would invest in a form equity or shares in the project company whereby Akseleran will act as the custodian.  However, they have recently expanded and provided a classic peer to peer lending too.  Akseleran estimated  a return of 11.75 to 30% for the lending module and >30% for equity participation.


Ethiscrow is another crowdfunds platform with syariah based principle which focused on real-estate and infrastructure projects.  They are not based in Indonesia, but they do have infrastructure project in Indonesia.   The investment in here must be made Singapore dollar currency.  The investment project in here is ranging from 3 to 4 months with estimated return of 3 – 4 %, but they also have longer period up to 3 to 4 years with estimated return of 53%.


Growpal is almost similar with Vestifarm, but only specialized in fishery farming.   You can start investing with a minimum of Rp100,000.  They have partnered with the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fishery of Indonesia (which is always a good sign).  According to their FAQ, every income from the product sales will be divided into three parts, 35% for the farmer, 55% investors and 15% Growpal agent.  The investment period is averagely around 100 days to 12 months.


Thoughts:  It’s important to see whether these platforms are conducting their business properly or not.  So, the first thing you need to check is whether they are properly licenced or not.  Second, only invest funds that you are prepared to lose.  Any form of investment would have some degree of risks, so ensure that you know what you sign up for and be ready for the worst.  Always remember the basic principle, high income may relate to high risks.