This week we will post a series about Netherland.  Our contributor, Aldy went on a business trip to Netherland for two weeks and visited a few of non-touristy yet amazing places there.  This is his story. 

On my trip to the Netherlands,  I went to the Amsterdam Water Supply Dunes area, located west of Amsterdam about an hour drive. The site is a kind of 3500-hectare natural park but engineered as an important component of the drinking water supply chain for the Amsterdam; an artificial water infiltration site. It is where the water from Lek Canal –after some pre-treatment to remove suspended particles such as phosphates, organic substances, bacteria, viruses and heavy metals- gets transported to through three pipelines with a total length of about 200-ish km. After the long travel, the water is released in this area to be able to seep through the sand dunes for around 3 months before it gets re-collected in canals. These canals end up in the water basin called Oranjekom, from which the water gets pumped to water treatment plant and distributed to Amsterdam.

I am sure the story above is quite boring for those who are not interested in the technical aspect of water supply. But what I would like to say is actually that the dunes area is very interesting. It is sort of a natural park where not only you can see lots of sand dunes (of course!), but also do lots of activities. The area is equipped with trails for biking (there are bikes you could rent at the reception office) and jogging or running, but I wouldn’t say for hiking because well, the country as a whole is quite flat.

The scenery is so beautiful, you could see some water collection canals and some infiltration ponds with very clear water. I would go for a picnic here, near some of the water ponds. At some higher points, you could see Amsterdam from the far. It is totally a place to go to if you are no ordinary tourist!