I guess I classified movies that I watched into two categories: horror-thriller-gory and non-horror-thriller-gory. The later includes everything from drama, comedy to animation and everything else that I would watch because of special requests.

But my core movies have always been horror, thriller, and gory. Although over the years I have somehow lost my bravery. When I was younger, I was braver- ghost-sinister-scary movies were no problem even when I was alone in my dorm room. But now, I need at least my daughter – or better my wife – sleeping beside me while me watching the movie. As for gory movies, I was all eyes for all scenes of Saw and Hostel series but now I sometimes limit my eye opening to only 10% when the goriest scenes on Eden Lake (2008) is on.

Why do I love those kinds of movies? I honestly don’t know! And what do I search in those movies? Of course, the plot would be my first priority; a good and or smart plot, preferably with unpredictable twist(s). Then come the thrills, goriness, effort of the victim to escape from the situation or better yet acts of vengeance by the victim towards the villains (it does not have to be a successful ending, I value process than result!), and acting-scene-property quality.

With that requirements, my favorite list of all time would be:

  1. The Others (2001) with Nicole Kidman. The twist at the end is just great, plus it was thrilling and suspicious the whole time.
  2. Hostel 1 and 2 only! Unlike many sequels, No 2 is better than No 1. But the No 3 is a perfect time waster.
  3. Saw, some of them only, I can’t remember because they are just so many like it would never end. I guess the no 2 and 3?
  4. I Spit on Your Grave (2010) and the No 2 (2013). Again, not the No 3. And also, You’re Next (2011). It’s the acts of vengeance that’s killing me!
  5. Funny Games (2007) and The Strangers (2008) for their somehow weird, thrilling, and disturbing characters.

Enough with the old days, the recent movies that I like are:

  1. The Good Neighbor (2016). I really like this movie because it’s a kind of movie which makes me guess – not think- so much. The movie got some surprising scene, enough to meet my expectation from thriller movies. But for you out there who’s got high appetite for revengeful actions, do not expect so much from this one. But then again, its not about getting even, its the story that makes this movie great.
  2. The Neighbor (2016). It has some gory scenes.
  3. Don’t breath (2016). I have been waiting for a movie with the right amount of thrills, blood, action, and twist, and this movie has it. Although I must admit, the goriness is a little bit under my standard- but…I make my peace with that. It’s an interesting one.
  4. The Conjuring 1 and 2 and of course, Insidious (but again, not the No 3!). Enough said.
  5. Lights Out (2016). Good horror, with some twist between imagination and reality!
  6. Sinister (2012), but please ignore the No 2.
  7. Black Rock (2016). I was expecting some torturing would take place, but no. But the thrill is okay. And the end of the movie totally suggests a sequel, and I would definitely say yes for one!
  8. The Invitation (2015). Interesting movie, with a surprise at the end!
  9. It Follows (2014). Creepy.
  10. Shadow People (2013). Its like the first Paranormal Activity. You have to be patient to really feel something creep you out. Plus, this movie would give you nightmare. I warn you.

My end note would be to tell you that Goodnight Mommy (2014) is so overrated and that No Escape (2015), Don’t Blink (2014), and Rebirth (2016) are really worth watching (I find the scenes at the ending and at the credit title somehow make me questions the reality).

Happy watching!

– Aldy –