Most of us always put Bali as the top holiday destination. But planning a far trip can be a major pain in the arse. Yes, anything that is further than a supermarket is completely far far away. I am saying, day off management, budget management and tiny little details that mommy like to have in the brain (Trust me you don’t wanna know, dad). Think inviting weather of the sea, birds singing in the middle of the rainforest or attractions right in the heart of a lively center. So what do you have in mind? Let’s try Ancol. Yes, that usual Ancol but in a slightly different way.

As a multi-role mother, there are times when you need your holiday as soon as tomorrow. In such a limited time, last weekend I impulsively took the whole squad to Ancol because my vitamin sea level was reaching below the limit. You know, that kind of vitamin when your feet touch the white sandy beach and you smell like between salty water and sun. The vitamin that you get when you are sunbathing with earphone on and your cocktail glass never empty and your book pages never end. Okay, that vitamin! Now that what we have here in Jakarta for a close beach is appointed to only limited options, that one of them is Ancol, we could always maximizing for what we have, couldn’t we?

Ancol has many beaches known as Pantai Festival, Pantai Carnival or they often called Taman Pantai. And recently, if you notice that there is a mall called Ancol Beach City, right behind that mall, side by side with Segarra, you can find a flat white bed of sandy beach where there are not many people laying in. It was about 11 am. The beach has no wave and steep, but you can still play castle sand and sunken your feet into the water. The sun was perfectly above you and there’s good music too that made me and my daughters dance. We even brought our own picnic rug and everything so we didn’t waste money in the mall but please don’t forget to always put your garbage in the trash bin afterward. The beach was clean as it is relatively new and we all want to keep it like that. For quite a few hours I thought I wasn’t in Jakarta and had my vitamin sea level back to almost neutral.

So after some sunburnt, we decided to visit the famous Ecopark. Seriously, I’ve been wanting to visit Ecopark from a long long time ago and that day was a good day in the beach and we would try to prolong our good day in the park as well. We were attracted by this signage stated Faunaland as we drove to Ecopark (yes because we didn’t actually plan anything in Ancol and didn’t google anything either). The entrance fee was IDR 50K, my little one and a half-year-old daughter got to pay a full ticket too. The entrance was so quiet and serene, not too many visitors they had that day. I didn’t know because the place is new or was it because the last week before payday.

To our surprise, Faunaland is so awesome that for a moment we thought we were in Bali. You know, some tropical scenery, cool air and breezy. When we visited at that time, their animals collection wasn’t as many as they have today. The kids could be as close as possible to the animals because it’s a walkable surrounding with fences and glass cage. The bird show was also amusing. The audience and stage was separated by the artificial river, feels like you’re in the jungle with eagles flying here and there through the show.

Family goal accomplished and pennywise goal succeed.