My last adventurous trip in Australia was to Broken Hills.

After getting tired of the unnecessary drama on the cancelled trip to Cairns, homelessness, tickets, bitter silence, finding extra moneys, packing and research for alternative trip plan, I decided to join my dear friend for a trip to the outback!

He said, ‘I’ve been to snowy mountains, beaches, cities and islands in Australia, we definitely can’t leave this continent before we saw the bushes and desert at the out back!’

Since the trip to Uluru or Darwin is way too expensive, Broken Hills seems to be much affordable plan. So there I was. 11 hours on the train with magnificent views of jungles, blue mountains, countries, farms, bushes and desert.

Trip to Broken hills was definitely one of the highlight of my entire Australia experience.  Broken hills used to be a mining city which is located in the remote area of New South Wales.  Well yeah, I got robbed there.  Some stupid punks broke into my motel room when I was asleep and took everything: bags, camera, passport, clothes, wallet and phone.  But, I would still recommend people to go to Broken hills or at least get some outback experience while you’re in Australia though.

Why? Because the whole solitary moments and scenic views around the bushes were indescribable.  Plus, sometimes you just need a piece of reminder of how small and insignificant you are in this world.

[Sculptures at the Living Desert]

[you know you’re in the middle of desert when you saw a camel]

[endless road]

[sunset from top of the mountain]

[the Menindee Lakes, it almost look like an ocean]