I was trying to help my dad sell his car, so I google “jual mobil bekas” and Carsome was on the second top of google result page.  If you notice, their tag line is “24 jam mobil laku” meaning the car will be sold within 24 hours, quite enticing right? Aaannddd I’m happy to report that the car was actually sold the next day with a great price.  I was amazed.

The process was very simple.  I only fill out the form on the first page of their website (this was in the morning), they called me immediately within an hour to request more info and schedule a site visit to check the car (the guy came around midday), and in the afternoon we already got our bidder, the next day we got the money already.

And get this, their service is free of charge! We didnt pay anything for them.  I still don’t understand how they make money though, the guy explained it to me on how car dealers are actually their clients and stuff, but anyway it worked for us.

So, thank you Carsome, totally recommended!