This month seems to have a lot of what we called ‘hari kejepit’ holiday. Got limited time to plan your family vacation? We would like to recommend a short getaway for your next family trip. Many of you mostly have ever visited Bandung, but actually adding one to one and a half hours drive southeast from Bandung you can find a tranquil and serene atmosphere in a small town called Garut. Famous not only for its traditional snack Dodol and leather products, Garut also offers a numerous outdoor attractions. Named it Mount Papandayan for the hiking lovers, Cipanas Hot Springs, Cangkuang Temple in the middle of a lake, Kamojang crater, Santolo beach and many more. This time we wanted to highlight a must visit hotel which is suitable for you and your kids.

Kampung Sumber Alam, is a unique traditional resort above the artificial lake of the natural hot spring from Mount Guntur in Cipanas, Garut. The resort has many types of accommodation from room to bungalow to cater 12 people. And each accommodation equipped with its own natural big bath tub hot spring, some of the accommodation even have its hot private pool. Soaking in the tub or pool day and night is a mandatory. If your kids want to do a little outbound, they also have a mini outbound ground with a professional instructor. For parents, they have spa facility. Public pool also meet our expectation, olympic size and very big. They also have clean kids pool, and all of the pools water resource is from the natural not spring. However, because most of the area is floating above the artificial lake, you may not want to leave your younger kids unattended.

Finding places to eat nearby the resort is also easy. You should try a local restaurant called Asep Stroberi (Astro) in the main road. They actually have several branches but the one nearby the resort is 24 hours. Their famous Nasi Liwet is off the hook! If you are too lazy getting off from the hot spring pool, or too busy with the free roam kids, the resort also provides various in-room dining and their food is not so bad for your growling tummy.

For the price wise, Kampung Sumber Alam is a bit pricey compares to its neighbor hotels. But you get what you pay and for us, it’s all worthy. Kampung Sumber Alam has been the forefront resort ever since my childhood and it’s never easy to book at the last minute. I would give it a 5 stars review for this place.

Now that the kids were sleeping, you might want to squeeze in your romantic moment with the spouse at your misty private pool. Happy holiyeay!





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