The last couple of days, my dailymail feed full of news on Kim K’s robbery in Paris.  Since then, she disappear from the social media and stay out of spotlight.

That news reminds me of my own personal horrifying experience.   When I was at Broken Hills, my friend and I stayed in this nice motel in the middle of a dessert.  After a long day of touring the region and checking out a really cool old mine, we finally had some time to rest and call it a day.

That night, I was sleeping in my bed when I suddenly woke up because my friend was screaming out loud.  The room was dark, but I did saw a glimpse of people’s shadow inside our motel room and how my friend ran to the door (still shouting).  I didn’t know what was happening because it all happen so fast.  When we turn on the light, I immediately knew that we were just got robbed.

We called the police and after I put down the phone I started to shaking and sobbing.  In that moment, it took sometime for me to digest what just happen, I felt really scared especially when I thought that night could’ve been worst.

In social media, we saw people taking it lightly about this kindda experience.  I saw people commenting why people who stole a chicken or a worthless sandal get the same treatment (or even worst sometime) with corrupter who stole millions of money?

Anyone who had the same experience will understand that it is never about the value of goods that were stolen.  I don’t care they took away my bag,  my clothes, my phone, or my camera.  I can buy them again.  However, these people violated my right to feel secure in my own private space – that is priceless.  It is a scary feeling to know that somebody broke-in to your private space, trespassing, uninvited, with bad intentions!  They not only stole my belongings but also my sense of security.  It took me sometimes to get over it and I still feel paranoid sometimes when I’m home alone.

No one is deserve to be treated like that.  So, I hope everyone is always safe and sound, and anyone who experience the same (or worst) bad experience can move on as swiftly as possible.  Send out love and peace!