Hey we are so excited to announce the launch of our #loloxgogoshop!

The last couple of days, we’ve been showing a sneakpeak of what’s coming in our insta stories and many people approach us to ask what is LOLO X GOGO? What do we do? What do we offer?

LOLO X GOGO is Indonesia’s first sociopreneur that is dedicated for modern parenthood lifestyle, and when we say parents, it means MOM and DAD.  As with everything that’s a part of our brand, we dream to create a one-stop platform comprises of content, goods and services that is relevant for modern parents and their parenthood journey. We also committed to donate a percentage of our revenue to innovative organizations working to make the world a place where every children everywhere can have a healthy start to live, grow up healthy, educated and protected from harm.

Within our platform you can shop our parent gear, aka the ultimate #universalbag.  We also partner up with Integrita’ to provide you with financial services packages.  You can also create a customized family cartoon.  We will soon have travel package services as well as event organizing services for any kind of family trip and party!

Simply click shop for your shopping experience.

Ps. If you are a business owner who want to be a vendor in our shop, please contact us!