Last year, we started asking a few of our good friends to take part in our #loloxgogoparents campaign by sending us their most favorite family picture along with a simple line about what they think of “modern parents“.  Check out our feeds using hastags #loloxgogo and #loloxgogoparents.

Let us introduce our next #loloxgogoparents: @bochandeyo and @pinkayindra

Bobby and Pinka is a couple who’s been living in Osaka, Japan with their toddler for quite some time now.  Like typical parents who lived outside Jakarta, they have to manage everything by themselves without helper, driver or parents.  This lifestyle surely poses a different challenge and kindda make us feel our life here in Jakarta is like “a walk in a park” since we have all the support system.

Their version of #modernparenting is all about making time for their kids despite of each others’ activities.  

Here in Japan, the child would inevitable be with the mom most of the time during weekday.  This is because it is very uncommon to have any kind of domestic helper or live with parents.  The dad mostly working as a salary man who usually left early and came home late.  So, the only quality time to hang out with the child is during weekend.

As a stay home mom, Pinka has to do all the domestic work by herself.  Prepare breakfast, feed and bath the child, wash the dishes, laundry, shop groceries, prepare lunch, sweep/mop the floor, clean the furniture, play with the child, feed and bath the child again, take her to bed and rewind.  Since their daughter hasn’t gone to school yet, she practically imitates whatever her mom does.  

For them, it is really important to take their child outside every day (if possible) even though it is only a quick trip to 711, the park or the play area.  A child should be able to spend time in the outdoor to feel the fresh air, socialize with their friends and, most importantly, to play. 

Last but not least, weekend is for daddy and child bonding time.  When the dad has a full undivided time for the child, they will and must spend those times wisely.  Bobby would take their child to the park and enjoy daddy’s duty while at the same time allowing Pinka to have her me time as well.  It’s truly win win solution for everyone!

It’s true that time is the most valuable thing in the world.  Sometimes, we get caught in our routine and suddenly the tiny baby is three years old already! Pinka and Bobby kindly reminded us that no matter how busy we are, we still have to make time for our children and savor every moment we have with them. In years later, we surely don’t want to look back and regret things that we have not yet done.

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xDenia + Ocha