Last year, we started asking a few of our good friends to take part in our #loloxgogoparents campaign by sending us their most favorite family picture along with a simple line about what they think of “modern parents“.  We also have been posting various pictures and images in our instagram feed with hastags #loloxgogo and #loloxgogoparents.  Finally, a few days ago, we post our very first #loloxgogoparents feature in our instagram (see here).

Everyone might be wondering what is this #loloxgogo?  So basically, loloxgogo is a #lifestyle brand for modern #parenthood.  The idea is to create content, product, service that are relevant for modern parents, not only for the moms, but also for the dads. Plus, we want to give back by donating some portions of the revenue to innovative organizations working to make the world a better place for children.

We will be launching our first product very soon! In the mean time, let us introduce our first #loloxgogoparents: @juliaomayra and @rivlan.

Julia is an amazing woman who successfully managed her pregnancy, labor and toddler parenting life in a foreign country together with her supportive husband. If you’re lucky enough to be her insta follower, her feed is full of beautiful pictures of places from different parts of the world. You immediately could tell they are an experienced parent in terms of travel the world with kids!

Her definition of #modernparents is simply about partnership and equity.  

She and her hubby believe in the idea of sharing the same responsibility in raising and caring their beloved daughter.   Each member of the family (including their daughter, as they always try to involve her in any family activities as much as possible in this concept) must always try to appreciate and support each other’s effort, listen to each other’s point of views, beliefs and needs. Plan everything together, always discuss about rules, expectations and discipline issues.  

From her perspective, we can conclude that she believes every one in the family has a voice and it is important for all family member to hear and acknowledge these voices. As a parent of a young child,  it is easy to forget that they are not babies anymore who can only drink, nap and poo.  Instead, they are starting to become a young people who have their own personality, feelings, and expectations.  So, two-ways communication in a good manner is key to modern parenting.

What do you think about #modernparents?  Let us know in the comment below.

Have a great weekend everyone!