[our baby’s pictures on our fourth visit to the doctor]

I still remember the first time I told my husband that I was pregnant and it was one of the most fun memory I’ve had so far. We were planning to meet up at some restaurant after work for his birthday dinner (yes, it was his birthday!). I knew my period was late for almost a week that day, so I secretly bought a test pack and tested it out.  First, it was positive but I need to convince myself again, so I drank orange juice and bought another test pack, and it was positive again! I then rushed to the nearest supermarket and bought a small gift box and put the test pack inside.  When I finally met my husband, I gave him the box and said “happy birthday darling!” He opened it, looked a bit sad and said “oh, it’s negative?” Me, “No… it’s positiveee!!!”

I’m now on my third and last semester.  I can’t believe that time flies really fast. I look super pregnant than ever and still growing. Since it’s another 11 weeks until the baby arrives, we start doing shopping for the baby. We’re also shopping for our new apartment because the plan is to move to a bigger place before we’re due.  The entire process is really tiring, but at the same time, I look forward for my 6 months maternity leave (yeay!).

Being pregnant and working can be quite challenging sometimes.  Simply because I would typically spend my days sitting in front of computer for 12 hours a day, and my butt isn’t happy about it, especially these days.   Luckily, there are plenty of websites, youtube videos and books that offer so many great tips for pregnancy.  For me, those advices would go down to four essential things that help me a lot and I constantly reminding myself about it:

1.            Drink lots of water

This can be annoying but super important, the hardest part is because it makes me going to the bathroom like crazy.  However, I do notice that if I don’t drink lots of water, my feet would start swollen.

2.            Exercise, exercise and exercise

My back and tail bones suffer the most during this pregnancy, but  it always gets better if I could spent at least 15 – 20 minutes walking each days or doing pregnancy yoga.

3.            Financial planning

Despite my occasional impulsive acts, I like things to be well prepared.  The first thing that we did when we decide to get married was working on our financial planning, these plan include our budgeting for the baby. It feels good when you know that everything is settled and that you have a plan for the rainy days.

4.            Positive thoughts

Sometimes it’s so hard to not get spooked or have negative thoughts, especially when people start talking about someone’s friend had a terrible labor experience.  I really don’t know why people still telling these stories to a pregnant woman (duuh).  But, positive thought and stress-free zone are a must for me.  This is why I never hesitate to splurge on spa treatment and massage.  I also read books and discuss with close friends and family about labor and raising a new born.   Again, when I feel prepared, I would usually feel better.

I hope everything going well until our labor day.

Have a great weekend!


[savoring those snacking time by eating my fav carob bar from The Carob Kitchen]


[sneakpeak of our maternity picture by indra, more to come!]