There is only a handful TV show that Aldy and I both really enjoy and could watch (or wince) together.  This is because our taste in movies or tv show are quite the opposite.  Aldy likes “my strange addiction”, “American Crime Story”, you know the weird stuff.  While I like more random and mainstream show like “the Stranger Thing”, “The Big Bang Theory”, “The Sex and The City”.   So, when we found something that we both like, I always look forward to spending our time together and snuggle while watching them on our tv.

This is our current list:


I grow up watching kungfu shows like “the Legend of the Condor Heroes”, “The Return of the Condor Heroes” and “The White Snake Legend”.  Even my uncle still remember how me and my cousins used to borrow my grandmother’s kimono and fan, braid our hair, and do the kungfu magic moves and yell “heeyaahhhhh…”.   I also love story about royal, kingdom, war, politic, plot, conspiracy and what not.  Naturally, since Marco Polo involves all these aspect, I’m totally hooked right from the beginning.

This show is based on and inspired by the real Marco Polo, the merchant, and his encounter with the real Kublai Khan of the Mongolian empire, one of the most famous guy throughout the history of Mongol and China empire.   Kublai Khan is the grandson of Genghis Khan and was the first man who managed to dethrone the then China emperor, which then made him also the ruler of China.

This show is about Marco’s life in Mongol and how he became the part of Kublai’s entourage.   Just like the Game of Throne, this show involves multiple plots and characters, which I love.  The kung fu is epic and flawless.  They even have Michele Yeoh, the lady from the Crouching Tiger and Hidden Dragon (duuh..).  The Mongolian costume is also my favorite part, it is stunning.   The language is also interesting since they speaks a lot of poetic and uncommon English sentences.

Now, I’m also enjoy reading the Khaganate history in wikipedia.  There is a lot of missing link in the show, but reading the history helps provide a background and context since some of the events in the show were based on the real people and event.

The show is definitely something I love to watch while waiting for the next game of throne’s season.

Interesting fact: Kublai has a warrior son called Byamba and Byamba’s mother is a Javanesse woman.


I’ve been a walking dead fan since season 1.  I put a weekly reminder on my calendar to make sure that I won’t miss it.  Season 7 is on the air right now and I couldn’t be more excited to watch them together with Aldy every Monday night.

I have a mixed feeling about zombie apocalypse though, some of them are very good like World War Z (I read the book and watch the movie couple of times) and the first installment of Resident Evil.

Walking Dead is very appealing for me because it’s more about the day to day survival of the people and not so much about the zombie.  The pace is slow and then bammmm,,,, it hits you in the face.   They focus on the character’s emotion and it evolves as the season continue.  As for this season 7, I really look forward to see more of Paul aka Jesus! Based on the comic, he will be an important character and Rick’s left hand.  I also hope that I don’t have to wait until the season 8 to see Rick’s war against Negan!

What’s your fav TV Show right now?

Image via thewalkingdead and fuckyeahcostumedramas