This all-in-one baked menu has become our regular main course after we finally have enough space to own a stove with oven in our kitchen.  Not only It’s healthy, this dish requires minimum preparation and very versatile.  There are so many variation we can made and adjust depend on the ingredient that we have.

We pretty much chop any available veggie at home, most of the time is paprika, tomato, and broccoli.  However, sometime we also add potato, and other veggie like green bean, asparagus, mushroom, beets or zucchini.

Next is the protein, either chicken, meat or tempe/tofu for vegan style.

Then, the most important ingredient is white garlic (doesnt need to be peeled) and onion.

Finally, salt and pepper and a splash of oil.  Sometimes Aldy add honey, teriyaki sauce, or soy sauce for taste.

That’s it.  Baked for an hour. For us, the only downside is the one hour waiting period, so this cannot be a last minute thing.