Instagram has changed a lot recently and they have so many interesting improvements.  From the stories feature that is dead similar to snapchat, multiple account management, live button, to instagram for business which allow you to promote and gain insight from the viewer (this one is actually pretty cool).  However, being a typical greedy human, we never really satisfy right?  We always want something else, upgrade, revolution, innovation etc.

Here is my wish list that I hope instagram will include in their next upgrade.


People regram all the timeeee, so naturally it would be really nice to have a regram button in the app instead of having to download another app to regram.  Path already has this feature.

Download other people’s photo

I’m not sure whether there is some copy right issues, but even facebook provide a download option for images that other people post in their timeline.  It’d be great if we can download and then re-post it organically on other platform but still referring the credit to the original creator.

Clickable link in the caption

Sometimes when I post a picture on instagram, I want to include a URL link to a website or a phone number, or an email address in the caption so people can do further action immediately.  Unfortunately, you can’t click on any link or even copy paste from the caption, so you have to manually retype the information, which is pretty annoying for me.  The good thing is, you can click the website link in the profile and there is a contact button now, but I want this feature to also available for the caption as well.  Is this too much to ask already?

Automatic scheduling post

Just like scheduling blog post in wordpress.  Well, a lot of people use instagram very seriously to promote their business these days.  Again, I know there is other app like which let people schedule their instagram posts, but again, it would be a lot more convenient to have everything streamlined in one app.

Additional button other than love

Some posts can make me laugh, mesmerize, gasp or weep.  A love button couldn’t exactly expressed these emotion accurately.

More sharing option

Path is very popular here – most of the people I know are using it.  Somehow, Path feels more personal than facebook although this may not necessarily true (there is a few cases that went very public because people commenting on Path).  So, I want to have an option to share my instagram post in Path.

More comprehensive video edit tool

I may be pushing my luck here, but a girl can dream that someday imovie merge with instagram.

Child safety mode

This is probably the most important.  There are so many inappropriate images on instagram so I am extremely concern when I see my 10 – 12 years old niece and nephew who are already own instagram accounts (their parent certainly need to check the terms and condition for a minimum age requirement to own instagram account).  Can we really check what they have been looking? Youtube has a child mode feature which is pretty useful, maybe someday Instagram can have a kid friendly version too.