Introducing our first daughter, Amelie.

The labor story: we initially planned to have a normal labor, however, it turned out that I have a slight problem with my eyes and my eye doctor didn’t recommend me to do a normal labor. So, we confirm the surgery on Saturday, had several blood tests on Monday, checked-in to the hospital on Tuesday night and went to the surgery room on Monday at 8 am, 20 minutes later, I am a mother.

The baby: Amelie is a healthy chubby baby girl! She is 3,38 kg and 49 cm – I was surprise when I first saw her and couldn’t believe that a baby that big was inside my womb for the last week. It’s been a couple of days at home and she has been super sweet. We did struggle a bit in the first couple of days, mostly because my husband and I were still a bit awkward and didn’t really know what to do when she was crying hard. Luckily, we started to get the hang of it.

The routine: these days, I started to get used to with waking up every 2-3 hours throughout the day (and night) to feed her and diapers duty. I also followed the nutritionist’s advice to only eat healthy food, which is a bowl of vegetables, lots of protein, just enough carb, fruits for snacking and 3 lit. of water every day. We’re currently staying at my parent’s house until I’m fully recovered after the surgery. Staying with my parent is very convenient and I’m so grateful with the fact that we have every help that we need. I had nothing to complaint.

The challenges: not so much of baby blues, although I did experience somewhat minor panic attacks every now and then (or is this the so called baby blues?). But nothing that I cant handle.

Overall, Amelie is soooo pretty and we’re super happy with her arrival!