If you live in Jakarta, you would know that we spend like hours in traffic jam on daily basis.   It gets unbearable.  We always say “tua di jalan!” meaning we’re getting old while on the road, because it takes too long to go from one point to another.

Well anyhow, what kills me the most is that the feeling of so unproductive while siting there in the car, doing nothing.

Sometimes I like to read e-book through my android, or watching DVDs in my car, but my eyes gets tired easily, especially after long hours working at the office.  Lately, I found that these podcasts are the best solution for me.  I never really listen any of this before, but when I browse through out different category and listen to some of the trending podcasts, they are actually quite interesting.

My current podcast subscriptions are as follows:

  1. #girlbossradio
  2. Techstuff
  3. Tedtalks
  4. Planet Money
  5. Freakonomics Radio
  6. How to do everything