One of the gears we prepared for our Tokyo adventure was the double stroller.

It was not the side-by-side one, but it is the front-and-back-seat one because we thought we would have to be slim enough to be among the Tokyo crowd.

So we decided to borrow one from  Babyloania (we love this site by the way).  It is a Joie Evalite Duo stroller, with sturdy handle (the one we have looks so fragile compared to this) and a big compartment underneath the seats.  It costs Rp279,000 to rent for a week, so we think the price is quite reasonable.  The actual price to buy a brand new one would be Rp2,800,000.

Here is our review for the stroller

The seats

I am sure the seats are comfortable. The back seat can be reclined all the way to sleeping position, which is perfect for our 14-month old boy. The front seat, however, cannot be reclined too far, make it not too comfortable for my almost-3.5-year-old daughter to sleep in. Thanks to the seatbelt, my daughter did not slide out of the seat when she was sleeping in the seat.

The movement.

Great! No complaint about it. It is very robust and very comfortable to push around.

The size

the weight is 11 kgs, and the length is around 1.6 m, making it look big and super long. Sometimes I was nervous when I needed to take elevators. But considering the size, I think it is light. It could hold up 15 kg ++.

The folding

It is super easy to fold and open considering the size of it. The challenge is that it cannot stand easily when folded up. You have to make sure the two front wheels are perfectly straight. It will use up the trunk’s space of taxis we took.

The compartment

This is the best feature. I super love it. I threw in almost everything: my simple lunches, our snacks, milk bottles, our scarves, baby’s jacket for super windy and chilling day, kids blankets, things we bought on the journey, and trashbag!

The downside

Too bad it did not come with a plastic cover for the rainy day. But thanks to my big shawls and scarves, we survived Tokyo rainy days. I kind of miss the stroller, but I definitely am not missing the stroller pushing going up and down the hilly Roppongi!