The very day Aldy’s parents came to my house to formally asked my hands from my parent, we went to the wedding expo straight afterwards.  We met this lady who owned a wedding boutique called Redberry at the expo who seemed to be super fun to hang out with.  I looked at her package list and booked her instantly for the wedding.  The engagement party make up was suppose to be the makeup test for the big day, so I asked her and her team to came early in the morning to do my make up for the day.  It took more than 2 hours to actually finish my hair and makeup.  Unbelievable.  She glued two freakin eyelashes on my eyes, it felt so uncomfortable but looks amazing. I surely learnt my lesson that beauty is painful sometimes.  However, everyone said I was beautiful that day.  So, I guess it was all worth it! 🙂


[makeup and hairdo]PhotoGrid_1378540361686

[the pink duo with me and my mom]