[sunset in Medina when I first arrived]

Every once in a while, my family would love to arrange a pilgrimage trip to Saudi Arabia.  This year, 25 of us embarked on our journey to the holy cities of Medina and Mecca to do what we called Umro.

Umro is actually a mini hajj.  We basically do what everybody does during hajj, except we’re doing it at any time of the year (you can only do hajj at certain period).  Umro is probably somewhat similar to a visit to the Vatican for Catholics  or Western Wall for Jews.

This is my second Umro trip, the first one was in 2010 with my mom.

What do we do there? Basically praying 5 times a day at the Mosque, city tour, and shopping.

I have to say, Medina is, by far, my favorite city I ever visited.  The vibe was really soothing.

2013-02-12 18.11.36

[Arabian Chicken Burger – this is so goooood (and huge!!)]

2013-02-12 10.12.36

[Hijab fashion – it’s a must to cover your body (except face and hand) when you’re in Medina and Mecca]

2013-02-12 10.52.26

[Dates market – most of Arab here speaks Bahasa Indonesia!]

2013-02-12 13.23.24

[the court yard of Nabawi Mosque]

2013-02-12 06.08.34

[sliding roof on top of the Mosque]

2013-02-13 05.51.32

[the grand Mosque of Nabawi – this is where the Prophet Muhammad is buried]