I’ve been hearing lots of hype about this small restaurant which located around Central area of Hongkong.  Since, I’m currently in Hongkong for two days conference, and we were free this afternoon, I thought we shouldn’t miss our chance to have a bite in this place. It’s actually pretty easy to find it; take MRT to Central station, exit at the gate D2, go left and walk straight across the street and then go  right after the first block.  You wont miss it.  So, 2 stars Michelin, it’s gotta be something right?  We ordered the roasted goosed with rice.  It’s pretty good for my taste.  I think the roasted duck was just like any other roasted duck, nothing really surprise me.  However, the chilli paste took it to another level.  I really enjoy our meal experience there, although I felt a bit guilty after eating all those super fatty and oily crispy duck’s skin.  Nevertheless, I would love to go back there again on my next visit to Hongkong.