We have been a GFF member for quite some time now and love traveling using the miles. Although it is not 100% free, (yes, there are some other fees that you need to pay) but you could still save lots of money! Last year, we had a family trip to Tokyo and it was the second time we went there using our Garuda mileage points which we collected from various streams throughout the year.

To maximize our point collection each year, we implement the following system in our household:

1. Only using credit card and debit card that is affiliated with Garuda or your chosen airlines

Not trying to sound like a walking advertisement here, but if you are able to use the credit card wisely, you should take advantage of their programs because it’s basically a free money. For example, you will get 2 miles for every Rp20,000 transaction on your BNI Garuda Credit Card, or 1 miles for every Rp 50,000 transaction on your BNI Garuda Debit Card.

There is one important rule though; we must treat our credit card like a debit card, it means we only buy things that we know for sure we can pay at the end of the month and always fully pay the balance each month.  This is really important principle because the credit card interest is very high and you could easily get into financial trouble if you couldn’t control yourself.

2. Put all the fixed expenses on credit card

Every month, there are fixed expenses that we have to pay consistently such as electricity, mobile phone, utilities, tv cable, or monthly groceries. Fortunately, most of these bills can be paid online through e-commerce site like Tokopedia, BlibliSepulsa or Honestbee using our credit card. Since we have to pay off this anyway, we can collect the miles point if we charge these expenses on our credit card every month.

Again, please remember the rule in No.1 to always pay off the credit card balance at the end of the month.

3. Exchange your telecommunication provider points into miles points

If you’re like me, you probably didn’t realize that you actually accumulate points every month from your telecommunication provider.  So, if you’re a Telkomsel user, you need to check your points now and exchange them with GFF points.  You will get 500 miles for 500 Telkomsel point.

4. Write a review of restaurants and hotels on tripadvisor

For more ambitious people, spend time to write a review on tripadvisor can also be a good way to get additional miles point.  You can only get a maximum of 1,500 point per month, which is pretty good.  You’ll get more points if you write on hotels, instead of restaurant.


Do you have any other ideas and tips to accumulate miles point? Please share, we love to hear from you!