I’ve been hearing so many scary stories about antiperspirant deodorant – some say that it may cause breast cancer and Alzheimer.  Regardless what’s right or wrong, the thought of people actually talk about those claims publicly really makes me worried already.  So, I decided why not give a try the organic deodorant? I immediately head to Lemonilo, the local site for all kind of healthy stuff which I love by the way and found this product, it looks legit, checked out and, a few days later, a box arrived at my house.

My first thought when I got this in my hand is that this product is a lot smaller than I expected, especially for the price that I’m paying, which is IDR70,000 for 16 gram.   For the sake of comparison, this regular Nivea deodorant that I normally use would cost me IDR 13.600 to 15.000 for 50 ml. 

After a week using this organic deo, I actually like the smell, it almost smells like vaseline with just a little touch of lemon.  The texture is quite sticky and didn’t dry out after a few minutes.  It’s like a melting soap which I found a bit uncomfortable at first. I also notice that this product didn’t last me the entire day.  I feel the need to re-apply it after 8 hours or so.  My overall thought is that this product generally works pretty well for me,  and although the price is a bit too expensive, I can see myself re-purchase this product because I do like the idea of using non-toxic item which for me are the important value of this exercise.

Next, I really want to try this DIY no waste deodorant recipe by trash is for tosser which may be a good solution because it should be cheaper and works just the same, perhaps, we’ll see!