I love eating ramen, but it can be hard to find a chicken-based or non-pork ramen in Tokyo.  However, I found this vegan ramen restaurant through halal navi app which located inside the Tokyo station.  Since, I was working at JP tower at the time, which is across the Tokyo Station, this place is only 5 minutes walking and it quickly became my favorite lunch spot.  It was a bit difficult at first to find this restaurant, especially because I’m not really good with the map, and Tokyo Station itself is pretty much like a maze.  So, to get there, you need to get inside the Tokyo Station (it costs around 140 yen), and walk towards the Keiyo Street, pass the uniqlo store, and you’ll see this T’s Tantan restaurant just a few meters from there on your right side.  Usually, there will be a few people waiting in line outside the restaurant.  I didn’t have any expectation at first, but it turned out that their vegan ramen is so delicious! I love it so much, especially because they don’t use any pork, meat or alcohol in this dishes and everything are plant-based stuff.  The broth is thick, just like a normal chicken-based ramen, and they have lots of vegetable topping and meat-like stuff too.  I ordered their signature ramen (like in the picture below) and also try the spicy ramen, which both are great!  It costs around 900 to 1200 yen per meal so it’s quite a reasonable price.  I would really recommend this place, even for non-vegan people because it is really good!