Luckily for me, school is over for semester 1 and I have 2 weeks of holiday before I go back to Jakarta.

I didn’t plan to travel outside Sydney during this winter break because I rather to travel around Australia during summer so I could travel light.  Beside, I need to save up some money first before I could do that.

So, I decide to explore the other side of Sydney town.  My friend and I made a list of places that we want to visit and start to check those out one by one.

First stop is Balmain.

According to website:

“Balmain is now a colourful and artistic suburb, home to some of Australia’s best-known writers, actors, film directors, musicians and artists. Stylish cafés, bistros, pubs and restaurants burst with creative energy. Its pulsating nightlife is a magnet for a cosmopolitan crowd.”

Not bad huh?

After bought a take away sandwich at QVB, we went to a bus stop and took a bus which head to Balmain.

Balmain is one of the sub-burbs area in Sydney and it took around 40 – 50 minutes ride by bus from Town Hall.

One of the must-visit-place in Balmain is the Balmain Market, they said it’s the third oldest market in Sydney.  The Balmain Market is located in St Andrews church.  We look around and yes there are so many interesting items they sale there, mostly are handicrafts, clothing, accessories, food and beverages.

After 1 lap around the market, we sat down at a nice park in front of the Market and ate our sandwich.

Next one, still in Balmain, is the Adriano Zumbo Pattisier.   The long queue should describe how famous this shop is.  We bought the famous macaroon and had a greaaaat time eating it. Haaahhh… it’s definitely worth all the wait!

The pictures speak for itself.