[Shimbashi station area]

I’m in Tokyo now for the entire week until Sunday.  We’re here for several meetings with colleagues and clients.  It’s my first time visiting this city and we saw snows from the airplane (never see snow before!).  Tokyo is cold at the moment, it’s around 7-8 degree during the day and colder during the night.  The sun was out yesterday when we were out for lunch, so it was pretty nice.  We’re going for all-day Mount Fuji tour today, we’ll have another meeting on Friday and then we plan to hang out with our friends from colleges on Saturday before we head home on Sunday.  20140122_075203

[view from our train to Tokyo station] 20140122_105429

[Japanese food, too bad I couldn’t raw food these days] 20140122_140920[Stamp for Kanji words]