Amelie has come to a point where she really likes to watch movies, over and over (and over and over) again, particularly Disney movies. It is so often that she could remember some lines. It was scary but I must admit it is also entertaining because she could not yet pronouncing the words but she knows the intonation and always emphasizes the sound of the end of some phrases. So after several (read: mmmaanyyy) times watching the same movies with her, the following are some after-tastes I have in my head of these three movies:

Little Mermaid: Bad influence especially for young girls!! A 16 year old girl declaring that she falls in love with a human (not just different species but different living being!) after seeing (not meeting!) him. On a side note, fathers can learn some valuable lessons, especially on how not to behave when facing daughter who acts..well, like Ariel.

Inside up: A great character (Joy), because she is optimistic, cheerful, inspirational, not mentioning her leadership skills. I also admire the completeness of her personality, she is a joy but she once was sad, too. I was also amazed that sadness can lead to happiness, although of course, I don’t want to justify anyone’s overrated drama. I would actually want Amelie to own qualities like Joy’s.

Frozen: I think the term of “being a good girl” has been abused. Because all Elsa had to do was to keep herself from harming her own loving sister. Plus, Anna seems to love Elsa very much that she would do and accept anything that her sister might turn out to be. Too much drama in the movie, but I do love the songs, especially when Amelie singing them!

And yes, for you fathers out there, you could learn not to freak out on things.

So what are your thought on the movies that you watch with your kids?