I have converted into an avid podcast listener ever since I figured out the function of that little purple app on my iPhone.  I subscribed to tons of shows, and lately, I’m so into personal finances such as So Money by Farnoosh or Clever Girl Finance.  There is something intimate and soothing about listening to someone’s crisps voices using the headphones. Nowadays, I listened to podcast shows almost on a daily basis during my commute hours.

Here are my main reasons why I love to listen to podcasts:

Plenty of shows for pretty much every topic

From learning new languages, comedy, lifestyle, personal finance to the latest crime stories, almost every topic or genre that you want to hear is available in the podcast world.   It may be a bit overwhelming to browse them now, so what I’d like to do is start from the featured section on iTunes. However, for the most part, I usually found my favorite show because I already following their other platform like their blog, book etc.  Sometimes, these blogs also lead to another thing.  Like, for example, I really like Sophie Amoruso from Girlboss, I watch her series on Netflix, follow her Instagram, and when she starts doing the podcast (the Girlboss Radio), of course, I listen to her podcast too.  In one of her podcast, she interviewed Farnoosh Toorabi, which I love, now I listen to Farnoosh show almost every day!

Specific amount of time

When you pick or download a podcast episode, you know exactly how much time you will need to allocate to finish this one episode.  For me, this is a great tool to avoid over-procrastinating.   It really scares me every time I browse through my Instagram and Facebook feed before I’m going to bed, and then realize that I’ve been doing it for over an hour!  If you know that it takes 30 minutes to finish one podcast episode, you can have a mental note in advance that once this show is done, you’ll move on to other chores.

Being productive while resting your eyes

When I listening to my podcast during my commute, I try not to multitask and put my phone in my bag. This is because looking at the screen all day long is never a good thing and I like to avoid looking at my iPhone screen, especially night time. Listening to the podcast show is a great distraction and a good time to rest my eyes while learning something at the same time, it’s a win-win in my book.

It’s free, downloadable, and it doesn’t take too much of your phone’s memory space

Yup, I just download several episodes that I want to hear when I have my wi-fi and listen to them later so I don’t use any of my internet quotas.


Do you listen to podcast? Let us know! Also, check out our own podcast #loloxgogoshow.