What’s in my mind after watching these Disney movies with my daughter


Amelie has come to a point where she really likes to watch movies, over and over (and over and over) again, particularly Disney movies. It is so often that she could remember some lines. It was scary but I must admit it is also entertaining because she could not yet pronouncing the words but she knows the intonation and always emphasizes the sound of the end of some phrases. So after several (read: mmmaanyyy) times watching the same movies with her, the following are some after-tastes I have in my head of these three movies:

Little Mermaid: Bad influence especially for young girls!! A 16 year old girl declaring that she falls in love with a human (not just different species but different living being!) after seeing (not meeting!) him. On a side note, fathers can learn some valuable lessons, especially on how not to behave when facing daughter who acts..well, like Ariel.

Inside up: A great character (Joy), because she is optimistic, cheerful, inspirational, not mentioning her leadership skills. I also admire the completeness of her personality, she is a joy but she once was sad, too. I was also amazed that sadness can lead to happiness, although of course, I don’t want to justify anyone’s overrated drama. I would actually want Amelie to own qualities like Joy’s.

Frozen: I think the term of “being a good girl” has been abused. Because all Elsa had to do was to keep herself from harming her own loving sister. Plus, Anna seems to love Elsa very much that she would do and accept anything that her sister might turn out to be. Too much drama in the movie, but I do love the songs, especially when Amelie singing them!

And yes, for you fathers out there, you could learn not to freak out on things.

So what are your thought on the movies that you watch with your kids?


Hidden Gem in Garut


This month seems to have a lot of what we called ‘hari kejepit’ holiday. Got limited time to plan your family vacation? We would like to recommend a short getaway for your next family trip. Many of you mostly have ever visited Bandung, but actually adding one to one and a half hours drive southeast from Bandung you can find a tranquil and serene atmosphere in a small town called Garut. Famous not only for its traditional snack Dodol and leather products, Garut also offers a numerous outdoor attractions. Named it Mount Papandayan for the hiking lovers, Cipanas Hot Springs, Cangkuang Temple in the middle of a lake, Kamojang crater, Santolo beach and many more. This time we wanted to highlight a must visit hotel which is suitable for you and your kids.

Kampung Sumber Alam, is a unique traditional resort above the artificial lake of the natural hot spring from Mount Guntur in Cipanas, Garut. The resort has many types of accommodation from room to bungalow to cater 12 people. And each accommodation equipped with its own natural big bath tub hot spring, some of the accommodation even have its hot private pool. Soaking in the tub or pool day and night is a mandatory. If your kids want to do a little outbound, they also have a mini outbound ground with a professional instructor. For parents, they have spa facility. Public pool also meet our expectation, olympic size and very big. They also have clean kids pool, and all of the pools water resource is from the natural not spring. However, because most of the area is floating above the artificial lake, you may not want to leave your younger kids unattended.

Finding places to eat nearby the resort is also easy. You should try a local restaurant called Asep Stroberi (Astro) in the main road. They actually have several branches but the one nearby the resort is 24 hours. Their famous Nasi Liwet is off the hook! If you are too lazy getting off from the hot spring pool, or too busy with the free roam kids, the resort also provides various in-room dining and their food is not so bad for your growling tummy.

For the price wise, Kampung Sumber Alam is a bit pricey compares to its neighbor hotels. But you get what you pay and for us, it’s all worthy. Kampung Sumber Alam has been the forefront resort ever since my childhood and it’s never easy to book at the last minute. I would give it a 5 stars review for this place.

Now that the kids were sleeping, you might want to squeeze in your romantic moment with the spouse at your misty private pool. Happy holiyeay!





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LOLOXGOGO #minglingsundays by Integrita’


Beberapa hari yang lalu, akhirnya kami mengadakan acara ‘resmi’ LOLO X GOGO untuk pertama kalinya.  Acara ini diadakan dengan berkolaborasi bersama konsultan keuangan andalan kami, yaitu Ghita dari Integrita’.

Berhubung ini acara yang baru pertama kalinya diselenggarakan, kami hanya mengundang teman-teman terdekat kami dulu terutama yang punya ketertarikan dengan bidang perencanaan keuangan.  Nantinya, kami akan mengadakan event lainnya dengan tema yang berbeda.  Ditunggu yah!

Tema yang kami bahas pada kali ini adalah Insurance 101.

Sering banget kan, kita ditawarin program asuransi, baik melalui telpon maupun secara langsung melalui agen asuransi. Ghita juga sempet berbagi cerita mengenai asuransi dalam artikel ini.   Nah, dalam acara ini, kita membahas lebih mendalam mengenai jenis-jenis asuransi, kebutuhan seperti apa yang memerlukan perlindungan asuransi, dan cara yang tepat dalam memilih asuransi.  Ada poin-poin yang cukup menohok, terutama bagi yang ternyata oh ternyata salah pilih produk asuransi (huks huks..).   Ghita juga mengajarkan kita cara membaca polis yang benar, siapa pihak-pihaknya, kapan dan bagaimana kita bisa klaim dsb.

Pelajaran terpenting dalam sesi ini adalah, pilihlah asuransi yang murni memberikan proteksi tanpa ada embel-embel investasi.  Kenapa? Gimana kalau sudah terlanjur beli? Perhitungannya bagaimana? Ini nanti dibahas di lain waktu yah. Hehehe… soalnya puanjang bangettt.

Oya, kita punya paket financial check up khusus asuransi lho! Coba klik disini, kalau kamu beli paket ini, tim dari Integrita’ akan dapat membantu kamu untuk menganalisa semua polis asuransi yang kamu punya dan membantu kamu untuk menetapkan asuransi yang tepat. Check it out now! 🙂



“Just a little heart attack”

I remember reading somewhere that one of the most important thing to do in your 30s is to never skip a regular medical check-ups, as it might save yourself from any serious illness or even financial turmoil.   That’s exactly what I did couple weeks ago just before I start getting back to office, it turns out I do have problem with my cholesterol (surprise, surprise).  I didn’t expect this because I exercise almost 3 times a week and maintain relatively healthy body weight (goodbye fried chicken!!).   I immediately google out the bad implication of high cholesterol, and while I was in the middle of panic attack and health anxiety session, I came across this short movie directed and starred by Elizabeth Banks.

“Just a little heart attack” is a movie which aim to spread awareness that signs of heart attack in woman may be different than signs of heart attack in man.   You’ll see, being a working mom, between work and domestic chores, sometimes it is easy to forget about our personal health or even realise that we have health issues.  However, taking care of ourselves is as important as taking care of our children right?   For me, the obvious lesson is to try being conscious (but not too dangerously alert) on maintaining healthy life and also to be grateful for our health everyday.

May we all be blessed with health and prosperity always.   

Stuffed eggplant


Couple months ago, Aldy and I got this huge package from our friend in New York and when we opened it, there were couple of books for Amelie and this Jerusalem Cookbook.

I couldn’t be more excited.

Jerusalem meals sound very foreign for me. I love arab food, but I have never tried or even thought about Jerusalem food. When I run through the pages, they actually have many easy recipes with familiar ingredients.  One recipe that caught my attention instantly is this stuffed eggplant.

I love eggplant, but normally in our household, the only way we cook eggplant is to fry them with chili paste (aka. balado terong).  So, I really want to try this one out.

Of course, me being a lazy gal, I change couple of ingredients from recipe with the one I have at home, like ground meat instead of lamb and sunflower seeds plus pumpkin seeds instead of pine nuts.  This recipe also called for many foreign spices, but I just include whatever I have at hand.

This dishes turn out to be such a fulfilling meal for me and it is very delicious!

My simpler take on this recipe is as follows:

2 medium eggplant (cut into half), rub them with olive oil, sprinkle with salt and pepper.

Saute chopped onion and garlic, mix the ground meat, nuts, seasoned with salt, pepper, and other herbs to your liking.  At this point, I think we can also add chopped carrots/paprika/tomatoes (if you want, totally optional). 

Put the meat mixture on top of the eggplant and baked them for 1 hour. 


Perhatikan 6 Hal Ini, Baru Beli Asuransi!

#universalbag (2)

Asuransi untuk keluarga muda biasanya menjadi salah satu kebutuhan untuk diprioritaskan, tapi sayangnya karena minimnya ‘arahan’ untuk asuransi yang benar, banyak loh orang yang salah membeli asuransi.

Artikel ini akan membantu anda untuk mengetahui hal-hal dasar apa yang harus diketahui sebelum memutuskan membeli asuransi, untuk menghindari kesalahan dalam pembelian asuransi, tidak maksimal atau bahkan menimbulkan kerugian.

1.  Ketahui Jenis Asuransi

Sebenarnya hanya ada 2 jenis asuransi untuk melindungi diri kita sebagai pribadi, yaitu asuransi jiwa dan asuransi kesehatan (asuransi mobil dan kebakaran termaksud dalam asuransi umum, jadi melindungi barang bukan personal diri kita sendiri).

Asuransi jiwa adalah asuransi yang akan melindungi secara finansial jika sang tertanggung meninggal dunia, contohnya nih anda adalah keluarga yang memiliki 2 anak. Suami bekerja dan istri sebagai Ibu RT (Ibu Rumah Tangga loh yah, bukan istrinya pak RT), nah sang suami perlu nih untuk dilindungi oleh asuransi jiwa, kenapa? Karena jika suami meninggal, maka istri dan anak akan kehilangan sumber kehidupannya, uang pertanggungan dari asuransi jiwalah yang akan menggantikan pendapatan yang dibutuhkan untuk keberlangsungan hidup keluarga yang ditinggalkan.

Sedangkan, asuransi kesehatan adalah asuransi yang akan melindungi anda secara finansial dari kemungkinan mengeluarkan biaya akibat terganggunya kesehatan. Contohnya harus dirawat di Rumah Sakit, tentunya membutuhkan biaya yang besar dong, sementara seringnya kita belum siap untuk mengeluarkan biaya, jangan sampai karena tidak punya asuransi kesehatan kita berhutang untuk biaya Rumah Sakit.

2.  Pilihlah Asuransi Murni

Apa sih asuransi murni? Asuransi murni adalah asuransi yang 100% untuk proteksi, tanpa investasi. Sesuai fungsinya asuransi adalah produk yang dipakai untuk melindungi bukan untuk investasi.

Jika mau berinvestasi pilihlah produk investasi.

Jangan takut kehilangan premi yang dibayarkan jika anda membeli asuransi murni proteksi, karena kalaupun anda membeli asuransi yang bundling dengan investasi, bagian premi yang dibayarkan sebagai proteksi akan hilang jika anda tidak meninggal atau sakit.

Kabar bahagianya nih, anda hanya perlu membayar premi yang murah, ya jauh lebih murah dibandingkan jika anda membeli asuransi+investasi.

Catatannya, tidak semua perusahaan asuransi memiliki produk asuransi murni yah, jadi harus rajin-rajin window shooping dulu nih untuk membeli asuransi yang full proteksi dan preminya terjangkau.

3.  Beli Asuransi Sesuai Kebutuhan

Kapan anda membutuhkan asuransi jiwa? Jika anda memiliki keluarga yang menjadi tanggungan anda secara finansial, dan usianya belum memasuki usia mandiri secara finansial (belum dapat bekerja menghidupi diri sendiri).

Kapan anda membutuhkan asuransi kesehatan? Setiap orang pada dasarnya membutuhkan asuransi kesehatan, namun jika anda dan keluarga sudah di lindungi oleh asuransi kesehatan kantor, rasanya sih tidak perlu lagi ya membeli asuransi diluar itu, kecuali hanya anda saja yang dicover kantor sedangkan anggota keluarga inti lainnya tidak, atau anda tidak puas dengan jumlah coverage yang diberikan.

4.  Berapa Besarnya Uang Pertanggungan Asuransi Saya?

Untuk asuransi jiwa, patokannya adalah usia anak anda yang paling muda dan jumlah aset bersih anda.

Semakin usia anak anda besar maka semakin kecil proteksi yang dibutuhkan, dan semakin kaya anda semakin anda tidak membutuhkan asuransi.

5.  Perusahaan asuransi mana yang terbaik?

Pilihlah perusahaan asuransi yang memiliki jaringan luas, memiliki track record yang baik, dan memiliki produk asuransi murni.

6.  Pahami Polis Anda

Sebenarnya pembahasan mengenai polis asuransi ini agak panjang, dan detail, tapi anda bisa mulai mempelajari dari ringkasan polis sbb :

  • Nama pemegang polis adalah nama si pembayar premi
  • Nama tertanggung adalah orang yang ditanggung pada polis. Contoh dalam asuransi jiwa, tertanggung adalah ayah, atau ibu yang mencari nafkah. Jika tertanggung meninggal maka uang pertanggungan akan diberikan kepada ahli waris/ termaslahat. Pada asuransi kesehatan tertanggung bisa ayah, ibu, dan anak.
  • Termaslahat adalah ahli waris atau orang yang menerima santunan asuransi jiwa.

Jangan sampai salah membuat polis, karena polis asuransi bisa dinyatakan “tidak tepat guna” karena kesalahan penempatan hal-hal tersebut.


Dengan mempelajari hal-hal dasar yang menjadi pertimbangan dalam pembelian polis asuransi, maka ini akan dapat meminimalisir kemungkinan polis asuransi anda salah, tidak efektif atau bahkan menimbulkan kerugian.

Artikel selanjutnya, saya masih akan membahas seputar asuransi ini dengan lebih detail, karena banyak sekali kesalahan yang dibuat dalam keputusan membeli asuransi.

Selamat window shooping untuk memilih asuransi ya…

Plus, kamu juga bisa lho beli paket analisa asuransi dari #loloxgogoshop! Kalau kamu beli paket ini, financial advisor dari Integrita’ akan menganalisa seluruh polis asuransi yang kamu punya saat ini dan kamu bisa mendapatkan rekomendasi mengenai jenis asuransi yang tepat untuk kamu.  Cek disini yah!






Hey we are so excited to announce the launch of our #loloxgogoshop!

The last couple of days, we’ve been showing a sneakpeak of what’s coming in our insta stories and many people approach us to ask what is LOLO X GOGO? What do we do? What do we offer?

LOLO X GOGO is Indonesia’s first sociopreneur that is dedicated for modern parenthood lifestyle, and when we say parents, it means MOM and DAD.  As with everything that’s a part of our brand, we dream to create a one-stop platform comprises of content, goods and services that is relevant for modern parents and their parenthood journey. We also committed to donate a percentage of our revenue to innovative organizations working to make the world a place where every children everywhere can have a healthy start to live, grow up healthy, educated and protected from harm.

Within our platform you can shop our parent gear, aka the ultimate #universalbag.  We also partner up with Integrita’ to provide you with financial services packages.  You can also create a customized family cartoon.  We will soon have travel package services as well as event organizing services for any kind of family trip and party!

Simply click shop for your shopping experience.


Ps. If you are a business owner who want to be a vendor in our shop, please contact us!

#loloxgogoshow – Episode 2



We got another episode of #loloxgogoshow.   We had a great time recording this podcast together last week on our way home from business meeting.  In this episode, we talk about how we started LOLO X GOGO as a brand and our big plan for this weekend!

Let us know what you think of our #loloxgogoshow!

Plus, don’t forget to come to our first pop store this weekend at Kota Tua Jakarta  on Saturday 11 March and Sunday 12 March at Van Vlueten & Cox Building.  There are plenty other tenants and events (check out for more info here)


Denia & Ocha


It’s our #universalbag

#loloxgogo universal bag

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Last month, we finally show what we’ve been working on for the past months! Our very first product from our #loloxgogo brand is here.

This is our #universalbag.

We are so happy with the result, because it’s stylish, it’s multi-function, it’s unisex, and it can easily transform from tote to backpack to sling bag.

This bag is specifically designed to accommodate every parents (or anyone, in fact) on every occasion.

When you go out with your kids, you know sometime the bag can get very heavy on your one shoulder (plus you probably need to carry your children as well) and you need extra support? You can wear this as a backpack!

When you off to the office and you need laptop compartment? We got it cover for you.

When you go to the gym and need a bag that you can carry on the go, this is for you!

This bag is also equipped with lots of compartments, insulated pockets and key holder (so you don’t have to spend time to find your keys under the pile of your stuff!).

Oh, if you free this weekend, we will open our first pop up store at Kota Tua Jakarta  on Saturday 11 March and Sunday 12 March at Van Vlueten & Cox Building.  There are plenty other tenants and events (check out for more info here)

Come and say hi!

Ps. we will also launch our #loloxgogoshop this weekend, so look out for that!


Hi come and join us in LOLO X GOGO first pop up store ever at OLD TOWN WEEKEND MARKET, it’s the Marketplace where Heritage and the Health Conscious Gather. There are lots classes and movie screening that you could enjoy in this event. Dont forget to drop to our booth and say hi! Date: Saturday 11 March 2017 9am – 7pm Sunday 12 March 2017 9am – 5pm Location: Van Vleuten & Cox Building @ Kota Tua Jakarta Info / Class Registration WA: 089663387187 IG: @Kemass.id #oldtownweekendmarket #kotatua #weekendmarket #oldtownjakarta #oldtownweekendmarketjakarta #weekendmarketjakarta #healthy #healthylifestyle #heritage #jakarta #kotatuajakarta #wisatakotatua #jakartatourism #wisatakotatuajakarta #jakartamarket #jakartabazaar #wisatajakarta #wisatakuliner #makanansehat #artisanmarket #pasarartisan #jakartamarketfestival #iconicweekendmarket – #regrann

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