My Mom’s Mangut Recipe

MangutIf there is one meal that I always enjoy is this meal called mangut made by my mom.  I really don’t know the term for this dish in English, but it’s basically contain smoked sting ray fish cooked in coconut milk. Naturally, this is the first recipe that I ask my mom to teach me when I move to our new apartment.  I was surprised to know that it’s actually very easy to make this tasteful food.

SAMSUNG CSC[the smoked sting ray fish, we always bought this at our local market]


[the other basic ingredients: coconut milk, garlic, chilli, paprika (I used cabai gombol), ginger, galangal (lengkuas), boiled egg and some mushroom (optional)]

[toast the finely chopped garlic, chilies, paprika, ginger and galangal (lengkuas) and then add the fish]


[add the coconut milk, salt and pepper and sugar to taste]

SAMSUNG CSC[yuuuuummmm!!!]



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