Meet our #loloxgogoparents


Last year, we started asking a few of our good friends to take part in our #loloxgogoparents campaign by sending us their most favorite family picture along with a simple line about what they think of “modern parents“.  

Check out our feed using hastags #loloxgogo and #loloxgogoparents.  

Let us introduce our next #loloxgogoparents: @chelchelchelma and @bidobagus

Chelma is one busy mama! She is a mom of one little cute boy, a business owner (@thinkthai.plazasemanggi) who also happen to be a free lance MC, someone who still has the time to run a wedding organizer, and finally, a Marketing Communication Manager at one of prominent food startups in Indonesia.  What a multitasking goal, right?

For her, #modernparents are not being afraid to learn new things.

We seek advice from friends, siblings, neighbors, books and trusted parenting websites. We sift through the information provided and consider change. Black and white thinking isn’t good for our kids, but considering the shades of grey is.  As modern parents, we also provide the foundation for healthy communication and emotional development as kids grow.

We personally love her philosophy.  Why? Parenting is a skill that you have to constantly learn.  It evolves along with the development and changes within the society.  There is no right or wrong, and what works for some people may not necessarily work for you.  While learning from others and reading various resources are important, at the end the day we have to be able to decide, adjust, and implement what’s best for our family.

What do you think about #modernparents?  Let us know in the comment below.

xDenia + Ocha


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