Apps that Help Me through the Jam


If you live in Jakarta, you know that most of our daily  commute can be torturous.  Yes, it’s getting unbearable, but there are things that we could do while bracing ourselves through traffic jam (praise the God for our gadget!).

When I’m not driving, these are my favorites:

Social media

This include facebook, path, instagram, snapchat, twitter.

Like million other people, I do enjoy stalking other people’s life and learn new knowledge along the way.   Personally, each of my social media has specific purposes.  For example, facebook is for reading interesting news that people shared online.  Since facebook has pretty good knowledge about my personality, my feed would consist of news on the latest gadget invention or techy stuff, fun and easy recipes, and anything from  My twitter is for local news headlines. Instagram is for million other random stuff and online shopping.  Path and snapchat are exclusively for stalking.

Movie streaming 

I don’t really like watching youtube on my ride home because it easily eats up your data plan.  Although they have the offline thing, still, dont really have time for to browse in advance.  However, there are a lot of online streaming app that provide offline viewing like I mentioned here and these are a game-changer.  Unlike youtube, you pretty much able to anticipate what content you want to see, like the next episode of this show or that movie.  So, we can easily download them ahead of time and watch during the ride.

Play Book

I love reading books.  But sometimes buying and carrying hard copies feel like such a hassle, plus it doesn’t feel like environmental friendly to me.   Since I always bring my phone everywhere, reading book on my phone is definitely a sensible option.  My latest read is Harry Potter and the Curse Child.

Daily Mail

My boss and I are obsessed with Dailymail.  We read this everyday and always talk about some news we read in it.  It contains news from around the world as well as the latest gossips from Hollywood stars.  It’s a good start to catch up with everything that happens around the world.

Quick tip: you want to make sure to tone down the light to make it easier on your eye though

When I’m driving, these are my favorites:


Sometimes, my eyes are so tired looking monitor all day and it just want to shut down.  I don’t normally sleep during my commute (I don’t know why), so what I’ll do is listen to various podcasts.

I’ve been a huge fan of Girlboss radio by Sophia Amoruso, Freakonomics Radio and WSJ Tech news briefing.


Coursera is a website/app full of free classes about pretty much any subject.  From math, science, marketing, codding, art or nutrition (you name it).  The best part it, most of them are free! So, if I am feeling ambitious enough, I would listen to a course session that I sign up earlier and then  i would feel so good about myself since I was doing something really productive (aka. learning new things).


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