#loloxgogoshow – episode 3


Happy independence day!!!!

We finally have another new episode of #loloxgogoshow, this time we discuss the basic financial tips for millennials with our lovely partner from Intergrita’.

In the spirit of independence day, we would love to inspire people to moving towards another stepping stone that is to achieve financial freedom.   In this podcast, we talk about our real struggle and daily hurdles that we face as a millennials when it comes to money management.  From buying make up to sticking to a budget.   Yepp, there is no easy way, but self discipline is key.

Hope you enjoy our #loloxgogoshow and check out our #loloxgogomoney product in our store!


Selamat hari raya dirgahayu Indonesia!

Setelah sekian lama akhirnya ada lagi nih #loloxgogoshow, dan di episode kali ini, kami bersama dengan Intergrita‘ membahas tips sederhana untuk mengelola keuangan untuk para millennials.   Dari godaan online shop di instagram sampai dengan pengelolaan budget, Ghita berbagi pengalaman dan mengingatkan kita pada prioritas serta tujuan utama kita yang sebenernya lebih penting untuk dipikirkan.

Semoga kalian enjoy dengan podcast ini dan jangan lupa lihat produk #loloxgogomoney  kita yah!


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