About us

2017-03-11-PHOTO-00007079LOLO X GOGO?

LOLO X GOGO is Indonesia’s first sociopreneur that is dedicated for modern parenthood lifestyle, and when we say parents, it means MOM and DAD.  As with everything that’s a part of our brand, we dream to create a one-stop platform comprises of content, goods and services that is relevant for modern parents and their parenthood journey. We also committed to donate a percentage of our revenue to innovative organizations working to make the world a place where every children everywhere can have a healthy start to live, grow up healthy, educated and protected from harm.

The blog?

The blog was started by Denia in 2011 as a personal outlet which documented various things that she loves to do when she’s not busy with her lawyering world.  It comprised of arts, crafts, DIYs, books, blogging, travel, foods and photography.  Five years and two kids later, in 2016 Denia teamed up with Ocha, her partner in crime since high school to parenthood life, to expand and develop LOLO X GOGO to become a lifestyle brand specifically designed to help (hopefully) the modern parents.

The shop?

We celebrate the modern parents and wish to support them by creating as well as curating comfortable, practical, relevant and multifunctional goods and services that help the modern lifestyle.

In the meantime, do let us know if you want certain item to be included in our shop.  We love to hear from you!

Meet Denia

Denia is a Jakarta-based lawyer who mostly deals with corporate and international commercial transactions.  She graduated from Faculty of Law University of Indonesia, majoring in Business Law.  She also spent a year studying in University of New South Wales, Sydney Australia for her Master Degree majoring in International Business Economic Law and Corporate Commercial Law.  For now, you can find her juggling between her family duties, legal works and LOLO x GOGO.


Meet Ocha

Ocha is a typical mother slash career woman type living in a big city. Graduated from Faculty of Communication Padjadjaran University Bandung, majoring Public Relations, she was once a teacher for kids and teenagers and today’s a manager in one of the biggest property industry in Jakarta. Follow her social media to see how she survived work, family and me-time slash LOLO X GOGO life.


Photographs on the blog?

You can use photographs on our blog, but please do link back to this blog as photos are all copyrighted.


Our website contains paid advertising banners and some posts contain affiliate links. Any sponsored post is noted with ‘sponsored’ tag. However, we only ever link to products that are fit with our personal taste and our aesthetic.

Shoot us an email if you want to collaborate!

Let get connected!

Social media: @loloxgogo

Email: halo@loloxgogo.com


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